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The first question some people ask astrologers when they come and when they do not come!...

 1. "Which direction will the groom come for my daughter or son ?!"

Back then, at that time when it was not known what a computer was... at that time when the groom was looking for a wedding... those who went to the astrologer and had a girl or a child would ask him from which direction the groom would come... they would tie the cart in that direction and go with their own ties.  Eventually, they will find the groom and end the marriage.  This is a tradition that was rooted in our Tamil society in the early days.

Today, however, the computer age is marching with a myriad of principles, such as globalization and liberalization.  I mean, the time we climbed the stairs is gone... we are in the time of moving the stairs.  We finish things from where we are sitting now that we used to wander around.  The world crawls in the palm of our hand together with the internet.  In this day and age, people live in every country, in every town.  In this case, goes to the astrologer place and asks, as in the old days... "Which direction does the groom come from?!…"?!… This is fun!... That's why try to avoid a question like that anymore.

Similarly, another question that should not be asked in astrology...

2. "How many children do I have?"

If not why not ask the above question, science in this period has gone as far as Mars.  That is, it has conquered the sky as well.  Gradually, the rule here is being overcome by wisdom.  Based on this, even if there is a chance of having a child... there are people in the village who control the family at the birth of a maximum of two children due to the impact of the rising price like poison.  Some go a step further and say that having a baby is enough for us.  Look!... When the astrologer asks this question... he already has two children now!  But if the astrologer explores the position of the planets and says maybe three children... three children must have been born!  But that just means he didn't make the offer. Where fate means that particular person has won.

No... for some, for some reason or another, it will dissolve as soon as the older child is born.  Apart from that two children will be born.

There is also a third question that astrologers should not ask...

3. "What was I like in the past ?!"... Some people ask astrologers a question like this...

Gone are the days when the dead were dead.  What's the point of talking about them anymore?!… Well, maybe so... Just asking this question above... A certain astrologer said, "You were born to be the president of a country!..." and really checked the position of the planets.  If it's caught... are you ready to believe it ?!

So, do not waste your time and the time of the astrologer unnecessarily by lovingly asking such questions as above. 


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