During my eighth standard, I was captivated by the allure of flights, which sparked an ambition to become a flight mechanic. A friend pointed out, "The literal name of your ambition is Aeronautical Engineering." Given the enormity of this dream, I felt it was out of reach, especially when nearly five lakh students graduated in the same field each year. Despite my efforts, I couldn't secure even a trainee position post-graduation, but I persevered and continue to do so.

Prior to the seventh standard, I lacked a clear ambition. However, I harbored a dream to explore the world, fly across different destinations, experience genuine adventures, uncover the essence of life, and learn about various cultures, religions, and traditions. After graduation, I struggled to find a job until I landed a position as a travel consultant, which brought me to Kerala. This experience was transformative, reshaping my life and introducing me to the world of tourism. Subsequently, I moved to Dubai from India.

I realized that my dreams were my true passion, leading me to become a travel blogger. My beliefs and various thoughts paved my path towards travel. Searching has become a way of life for me. Although my story may not seem extraordinary, it is quite classic. Success and failure are merely constructs of the mind; it's up to us to define them. Thus, my journey began with this realization, destined to set a new trend in travel writing.

Marvel Stoner started as a dynamic blog in 2017, initially focused on sharing travel and life experiences. What began as a mere passion has now become an integral part of my life. The blog has since expanded to encompass detailed travel experiences, honest reviews, delightful food explorations, captivating photography, and comprehensive travel guides. It serves as a valuable resource for fellow travelers, offering insights and inspiration to readers worldwide.

With each post, I aim to not only recount my own adventures but also to provide practical tips and recommendations to enhance the travel experiences of others. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems off the beaten path, indulging in local delicacies, capturing the essence of diverse cultures through photography, or offering step-by-step travel itineraries, Marvel Stoner strives to be a comprehensive platform for all things travel-related.

As the blog continues to evolve, I am committed to maintaining its authenticity and integrity, ensuring that every piece of content reflects my genuine passion for exploration and discovery. Through Marvel Stoner, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own adventures, plan their travels effectively, explore new destinations in India, expand their horizons, and embrace the beauty and diversity of our world.

What About Your Ambition?


  1. The article really inspired me. I too love travelling and dream to explore the world. I have read all the post and love the place you have visit 😊

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Thank You So Much. Travel Forever

  2. Your article is so inspiring that I never stop myself to say something about it..You’re doing a great job..Keep it up..Interesting stuff to read..and thanks for sharing such a good blog..


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