I Was At School, Eight Standard. The Craze About Flights Made An Ambition To Become A Flight Mechanic. A Friend Said," The Literal Name Of Your Ambition Was Aeronautical Engineering". As It Was A Big Dream, I Would not Able To Touch It. Nearly Five Lakh Students Got Graduation In The Same Degree A Year. I Did not Able To Touch Even A Trainee Position After My Graduation, Tried In Many Ways, Still Keep Trying.

Till My Seventh Standard, There Is No Ambition. But I Have A Dream, " To Fly Around The World, To Explore The World, To Travel Different Destinations, To Experience The Real Adventure, To Find The Soul Of Life, To Learn Cultures Religions And Traditions". After Graduation, No Job. But Soon I Got One Job As A Travel Consultant. For That I Came To Kerala. That Experience Helped Me To Create A New Life. It Reformed Me. I Learned About Tourism. Then I Came To Dubai From India.

I Found My Dreams Are My Passion. Now I'm A Travel Blogger. Various Thoughts And My Believes Make My Path And Lead To Travel Into It. Searching Is The Way Of Life. My Story Was Not A Cool One, But It Is Pretty Classic. There Is No Losing And Winning, That Depend On Our Mind. We Need To Find It. My Journey Started Like This. Born To Write A New Trend.

What About Your Ambition?


  1. The article really inspired me. I too love travelling and dream to explore the world. I have read all the post and love the place you have visit 😊

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Thank You So Much. Travel Forever

  2. Your article is so inspiring that I never stop myself to say something about it..You’re doing a great job..Keep it up..Interesting stuff to read..and thanks for sharing such a good blog..


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