Before checking the Visa Validity, You just need to know one important information. Many friends asked me a question and it is a doubt for many. The thing was "I have a Dubai visa, whether I can able to travel Abu Dhabi ?". Sometimes you also one of them. Why others? I thought the same before reach the United Arab Emirates.

For your Information The United Arab Emirates was the separated Nation having the Seven States. In other means, Seven Separate Kingdoms (Emirates) ruled by Seven Kings (Sheikh) united called the Nation United Arab Emirates.

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai
  3. Sharjah
  4. Ajman
  5. Umm Al Quwain
  6. Ras Al Khaimah
  7. Fujairah
Abu Dhabi was the head of all other Emirates. In all Emirates separate Immigration was there. All Emirates are giving visas. But, Visas are common for UAE. You can able to travel to any Emirates.


To Check visa validity like all countries, we can able to check from the Official immigration sites of Emirates. Many people don't know how? That' why I provide direct links to check through that. Using this you can check the status of new applications and validity of the approved visas. Not only the Visit Visa, But It is also common to check Transit Visas and even Residence Visas.



The above one was the screen you need the check the needed. You can able to check by using only your passport and file number or UID number on your visa. Simply fill the details based on your convenient and click search. In the same window, you will get the validity and status of your visa. This was the Abu Dhabi Immigration's common official link to check the status and validity of all Nationality people UAE Visas. Click the Abu Dhabi E-Channel link below to get the page directly in ICA Smart Services.

One more option is there only to Check Dubai Visas of all Nationality people. If you didn't get proper details in Abu Dhabi E- Channel check this Dubai GDRFA portal link for the needed only for Dubai Visas.


Here you need to select service. It means Tourist Visa/ Transit/ Residence. Then, fill the details as mentioned and click submit. Click the below to get directly go to the portal added for your convenience.


  •  For each and every visa there is an expiry date. It means once you got the approved visa and if you want to travel, you must travel before the visa expiry date mentioned in your visa. for example, the United Arab Emirates has 58 Days' time.
  • Once you entered into UAE, your visa gets activated and you must leave the country before the expiry of a visa. Means if you take 30 Days or 90 Days entry permit you able to stay within those days limit or the grace period if Government allot.
  • If anyone overstays, wants to pay the penalties while leaving the country including other forms of fines like traffic or anything if you got.
  • To get fast visa approval, submit a formal photo and scanned documents in good quality.

  • 200 AED for the first day and the running days till you exit from the country, charge per day 100 AED will get added and 100 AED as service fees.
  • If the sponsor company of your visa absconds you, there is a high-level penalty of 300 AED to 10000 AED. The amount may vary based on your visa types.
  • The above fines are varied for residence holders 125 AED for the first day and 25 AED for the additional/ subsequent days.
  • If your overstay extended for six months then 50 AED will be charge per day and it be 100 AED if you overstayed more than a year.
  • Once your visa got expired or you canceled your visa you will get 28 days extra grace period to stay in the country to find another job or settle the things. If you won't get an extra grace period need to check with your employer, the extra days is fully depends on your working company.

The above instructions are based on the recent details collected from the post posted date while I have stayed in The United Arab Emirates. You can able to check updated details on the ICA Smart Services Site Of UAE directly for all government services. For any other queries please comment or contact me through other social media.


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