Frequently Asked Questions by all people, What is the best time to visit Kerala? Here is the answer. In a year 09 months, Kerala got rain naturally. But in the Monsoon period, there is more rain in Kerala. The advantage in the rainy season was lush greenery views and the climate will be entirely different compared to other seasons. Now I should elaborate on the things listen to me as follows. Based on the climatic changes and people arrival in Kerala there are three kinds of seasons.


Peak Season: September To March. In this season the packages and hotel prices should cost more. Especially in the months November end to Jan 1st week cost will be more compared to other dates in the period September to March. But this is the best time to visit, because of its cool climate and comfortable stays. Mostly arrival to Kerala in these months is higher than the other season times.

Off Season: Summar season in the months April and May. Hot in the day time, Literally sunlight will touch as in these months in Munnar region. It is not an overheat time. Compared to other regions in the country low heat only. In Munnar, you find heat climate in these months. But always you able to feel the fresh air in all locations. In Nighttime cool climate will be there. sometimes temperature drops to the minus degree in night times of Offseason. In this month's packages prices are very low.

Rainy Season: Monsoon season, from June to August months. From my personal experience, it will the best time and best part of Kerala especially Munnar. Fully lush greenery view with mist and fog covered in all location make us feel the nature habitat. For experiencing Ayurvedic treatments and spa activities this will be the best comfortable time. Especially for honeymoon couples, they will definitely get enchanting experience in Kerala. The tour packages also you will get at a low cost. The notable thing was, all the waterfalls are active in this season.

I think Now you get some idea about Kerala and now you able to plan accordingly. If you need more details or you have any concern to discuss, text in comment section or mail.


  1. Mmmm well after rainy season is the best time to visit because waterfalls are active and full of greenery and mist all around....

    1. Even rainy time also a good time to visit Munnar, lush greenery and mist in places will give more excitement.

  2. Your Kerala travel blogs are a constant source of inspiration and insight. Your posts are more than articles; they are gateways to new adventures. The way you blend practical advice with captivating storytelling is nothing short of magical. Your passion for exploration and your commitment to sharing your experiences are deeply admired.


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