Munnar, everyone popularly knows about this beautiful hill station except some of them on our civilized planet. I am typically writing this because few of the My friends interrogated me to generously assist them for Munnar soundly based on my unique experience. Here some of the practical hint I will give before start writing about Munnar. Accurately, it's just a key idea depended on my authentic experience and based on Travel and chosen Tourism profession. 



Before start travel, you typically have to plan how many days you willing people have time and how many days you able to spend time over there. Next, find the best local tour operator for your better convenient during the trip. Because the local tour operator knows accurately about the places and the drivers clearly identify all the local routes and they know the appropriate timings to explore places. Why do I suggest the local tour operator? The practical reason was you would complete the trip in a certain budget limit. They will assist you well for the hotel selections in your budget and category. Totally they will give you a package. The exclusive thing you receive to conclude is simply enjoying the trip without any worry if you undoubtedly find a good tour operator. 

Individual traveling also a satisfactory thing. But, without an idea about the place you are going to travel leads to difficulties. The bike riders and solo trip lovers you will get numerous experience in Munnar. I love solo trips, the lonely trips refresh me every moment and inspire me to do more. Once you experience Munnar clearly afterward, you will able to plan accurately for the upcoming trip.


It is a hill station located in the western ghats of South India. The Direction to Munnar is in Kerala a state of India and the district called Idukki. Season and Off Season times are there. It depends on Climatic conditions. For the tour, packages prices also varied based on this season timings. Deeply saying Peak time, off time and Monsoon Time are seasons based climatic changes in Munnar. The travel routes to the top of the hills are covered with Greenery, fresh air, and chillness with hairpin bends. So while driving it is very important to watch the road turnings and other vehicles. Majorly oneway roads only there.


Frequently asked by all people, What is the best time to visit Munnar or Kerala? Here is the answer. In a year 09 months, Kerala got rain naturally. But in the Monsoon period more rain in Kerala. The advantage in the rainy season was greenery and climate in Munnar will be entirely different compared to other seasons. Now I should elaborate on the things listen to me as follows.

Peak Season: September To March. In this season the packages and hotel prices should cost more. Especially in the months November end to Jan 1st week cost will be more compared to other dates in the period September to March. But this is the best time to visit Munnar, because of its cool and climate and comfortable stays. Mostly arrival to Kerala in these months is higher than the other season times.

Off Season: Summar season in Munnar in the months April and May. Hot in the day time, Literally sunlight will touch as in these months in Munnar region. It is not an overheat time. Compared to other regions in the country low heat only. In Munnar, you find heat climate in these months. But always you able to feel the fresh air in all locations. In Nighttime cool climate will be there. sometimes temperature drops to the minus degree in night times of Offseason. In this month's packages prices are very low.

Rainy Season: Monsoon season from June to August months. From my personal experience, it will the best time and best part of Munnar. Fully lush greenery view with mist and fog covered in all location make us feel the nature habitat. For experiencing Ayurvedic treatments and spa activities this will be the best comfortable time. Especially for honeymoon couples, they will definitely get enchanting experience in Munnar. The tour packages also you will get at a low cost. The notable thing was, all the waterfalls are active in this season.



Many hidden places are there in Munnar. Here I'm going to listing the Major attractive and the places you must visit during your trip.
  1. Cheeyapara and Vallara Waterfalls - These two waterfalls are in the entrance area of the Munnar hill station in the route Kochi to Munnar. These are very active in the Monsoon season especially. In other times if it is rainy you able to see full level of water here and found it as an attractive one.
  2. Kannan Devan Tea Museum - It is one of the 1980's museums in Munnar. It is all about the interesting insights of history, culture, tea plantation, and processing. Covered with green mountains on the outer also one attraction.
  3. Eravikulam/Rajamalai National Park - Famous national park of South India in the Western Ghats. It is famous for Wild Tahr/Nilgiri Tahr one Goat variety like the Himalayan species. Many other species are also there in this park. But wild tahr is the most attractive one. In the calving period from mid-Jan to mid-march, it will be closed by the government temporarily to avoid the disturbance to that species. And the view of Anamudi Peak from this park will attract all the visitors all over time
  4. Kundala Arch Dam - It is Asia's first arch dam and it is located at a height of 1700 meter above at sea level. The boating experience at this dam is a wonderful experience beyond words. It is built across the river Periyar.
  5. Echo Point - Natural echo phenomenon with good sceneries of lush greenery of mountains and the river will be the specialty of this place. Boating in the river definitely gives a different feel.
  6. Top Station - It seems like the mountains touch the sky with a deep green valley down. Fully covered with mist and fogs with deep fresh air. The very highest point, you need to step up by walking a little bit to see this hidden beauty of nature in the Western Ghats.
  7. Mattupetty Dam - Built based on the concept of Concrete gravity for agricultural purpose across the river Paalar. The boating in the dam was a major attraction. It is like a picnic spot.
  8. Elephant Camp - Few elephant camps are there. But near to above this tourist spot the carmelgiri camp was the nearer one. You will spend time with Elephants. Activities like elephant bathing and the elephant ride will give kids and also adults a dreadful experience.
  9. Rose Garden - KFDC Floriculture Center under maintenance of Kerala Government. Near to Karadipara Viewpoint. Beautiful garden with rare varieties of flowering plants and other specimens. From the garden, the view of lush green mountains makes this place more unique.
  10. Attukad Waterfalls - In the rolling mountains the step by step flow of water keeps the mind more stable while watching the multiple species around inbound.
Many more places to visit in the Munnar was not listed here by me. Because for scheduled plans like min 03 to 04 days these places are only possible and these are the major attractions. And one more important thing was, the above places are linked like a rounded route and it may possible to see many small waterfalls and other site seeing between in your travel route. 

Rose Garden, Munnar


In Munnar, you will find hotels from the price range of Rs. 600 to Max Rs. 15,000. Based on your budget you will choose hotels and resorts here. But tour companies mostly promote trusted properties with guaranteed specifications. Their minimum range starts from 3* properties, I'm saying about reputed companies. In 3* properties you will get a comfortable stay in a low budget. If you need some other features in hotels like the swimming pool, villa type, cottages mean the price depends and price may vary. Different views of Munnar from the balcony of each and every property may vary based on its locations and its style of construction. 


Nearest Airport: Kochi International Airport
Nearest Railway Stations: Ernakulam North and South Stations (ERN - Ernakulam Town Station, ERS - Ernakulam Junction Station), Aluva Railway Station(AWY).
Bus Stops for Nearby State Travelers: Ernakulam, Aluva, Vytila
Local Transport: From the above bus stops direct bus services are there for Munnar.


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