Shit day, For the first time front entrance door locked...

Shit day, For the first time front entrance door locked

What a challenging day! Today, for the first time, I found myself locked out of my apartment because I'd forgotten to take my keys. Despite my attempts to find a solution, nothing seemed to work. I was hesitant to disturb the person inside, who was asleep after a night shift. Unfortunately, I didn't have his contact information.

I reached out to Diwakar for help, hoping he might have the number I needed. However, that didn't pan out. Just when I was feeling stuck, someone familiar with Nagaraj appeared unexpectedly. Although I tried calling Nagaraj, there was no response. I also attempted to contact our room manager, Maroof, but he didn't pick up either.

Feeling a bit out of sorts and not dressed appropriately to head out, I decided to step outside for a moment to gather my thoughts. I managed to get some change from the guard and grabbed a cigarette to help pass the time.

Later, I headed to Sahara Star Restaurant to exchange some currency and recharge my mobile. My only hope was that the person inside would come out for lunch around 12:30 PM. Thankfully, Maroof got in touch with me, and after explaining the situation, he assured me he'd be there shortly.

Despite the long wait from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, I was relieved when Maroof arrived earlier than expected, around 12:00 PM, with a spare key to unlock the door.

While this unexpected incident threw off my plans for the day, it served as a reminder to always carry my keys and stay prepared. This was certainly an eventful start to my fifth day in Dubai, and I hope it's the last of its kind during my stay!


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