Shit day, For the first time front entrance door locked...

Shit day, For the first time front entrance door locked

Shit day. For the first time front entrance door locked. I didn’t take the keys. I tried many ways not succeeded. One person is there inside the room, sleeping after his night shift. I have no intention to disturb him. But no other way in my hand. I don’t even know his mobile number. So I called Diwakar to get the number, no use. Unexpectedly some other person came out from another room, who knows Nagaraj very well. He gave me  Nagaraj number. But did not answer the call. I called room manager Maroof. He also didn't answer the call. So I planned to go outside somewhere, the problem was I’m not in proper dress code. Got a lighter from the guard and lighted a cigarette and I went to deep thought what to do now. Then I went to the Sahara Star Restaurant and got a cash change for 100 Dirhams. Recharge my mobile number and until now waited. The only hope, Inside person will definitely come outside by 12:30 for lunch. Later Maroof contacted me, and I told him the situation. He replied I would be there within 20 minutes and advised me to keep the keys with you always.  I waited for long time. Thank God he came here by 12:00 PM with another key. And he opened the door. But total day plans spoiled. From morning 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM I stood outside . This was my fifth day in Dubai and it was the first time the most  unfortunate this kind of incident in my life.


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