Everyone has dreams from childhood onward. But My dreams are entirely different than some of them on the planet Earth. I wanted to be a Super Hero with superpowers. Just kidding guys, but it is also a part of all My Childhood Dreams. I remember all My dreams today while reading My old dairies with dream catcher music. It makes me remember the past days and told me to share with the beloved ones. Some believe in fates, but I believe My dreams, Yeah! I'm a daydreamer. Not only a dreamer, work hard to make the dreams success in real life.

One of My first dreams Travels around the world. A free world doesn't want any visa passport. Literally, the world without a passport is my dream. Think about that for a second, if anyone wants to travel anywhere no one will stop. It is like a kind of public transport travel, take a ticket to step up and step down where we want. It is a daydream, but if possible it would be an achievement fact.

Know about all the mysterious and adventure and dreamlands. Not only know the fact but want to visit and experience the same. Beautiful makes us ugly and sometimes makes us proud to be there. The true nature watching will always create a positive thought and peace mind.

Experience all fun in the world. The man-made adventure parks and nature leaf taste. Smelling the green leafs nearby beaches gave more peace and active mind. The adventure park creates more fun by gaming with the beloved one will become a marvelous day in the life. The memories will tell more story for future turns.

Donate blood for the needful. It makes others live life from their worst incident happened. That help will be a genuine help for the people on our planet.

Equality in the world. In other words, the world without war. It makes to make many friends all over the world. If it happens the world without a passport would be possible. And many dreams are in my mind, I will tell you people after on the go.


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