Beaches will give peace mind with the beloved ones, while the actions came under the moods to feel the vocative mind sense and the entertaining mode. Paraikal Beach in another name Kurumpanai Beach. It is in the east end of Kurumpanai. People called this place in both names. Stunning moments of life will sometimes remain in our mind forever. It is one of the hidden beauty in Kanyakumari District.

Paraikal Beach / Kurumpanai Beach

Every Side Rock Sceneries

Grass Field Chill To Eyes In Sunny

About Paraikal:

Sea Coast in Kanyakumari District. This location is actually Known in the name of  Kurumpanai. It is in the west end. Fishing is the major occupation of the local peoples. All religious peoples are there, Majority will be Catholic Christianity with many beautiful Churches. The attraction will be the long distance beach with coconut trees and rocks. The name Paraikal came from Tamil meaning of Parai (பாறை) kal (கால்) - Rock leg. Because this place fully covered with different sizes of rocks. The sea waves are good to watch while it came in between the rocks. The algae in the rocks glittered greenish in sunlight while the waves touch the rocks.

Coconut Trees covered The Beach From The Back

 Fish On The Coast (PC: ASWIN)

Watching The Sea Crack

Our Experience In Paraikal:

Longtime plan, unexpectedly My cousins also come to join with us. It makes My trip more fun and excitement. It is like adding ingredients is not the only thing gives the food tasty need proper salty to feel the taste. It is the second trip in Brother's Yamaha R15 V3 and the first trip with My three Cousins. About them, they are the closed ones with all-time happiest and funny mind setup. Actually, it is the reason the trip remains in mind always after and after. We already visited this place before. But My Cousins, this is the first time they are going to see this beauty. So they prepared to watch the nature scenic with excitement.

Ready To Capture, My cousin Aswin

Waves Return

Digging, One Of My Cousin Playing 

After the conversation at home and then finalized to move on to the decision point. In three bikes the ride starts. Getting confusions in the routes and finding the correct route make the ride more fun. They are thrilled about the hidden shortcuts to the beach. Marvelous places are getting hide in the village in this location. Fully trees and lands give more memories and peace mind. Finally reached the beach.

Reached The Paraikal

Me And My Brother Talking With Shots

Greeneries around us

Many of them watching us. Because the loud while playing on the beach beat them higher. Initially, we are not ready to dip the legs in the water. But cousin forced us to play in the waves. The game starts with shoot boomerangs and jumping competition. Basically, I am one who not always ready for this type of activities, but they don't give up. So I too join with them for a long. Totally the concept of fun starts over there.

Jumping From The Height My Brother (Pearlin Siju)

Relaxing time Candid Shot By The Same One

It's Me Ready For The Competition
This time I miss someone a lot, who very close one to My Heart. This Place with our beloved one makes more memorable. The feelings going deeper and mind voice telling Listen To My Heart. In one side My cousins start teasing and they plan for the next move. Boomerang, I'm tired and partially ready. The game starts for jumping and running on the shore. The funny movements from cousins made more interesting. The fact will be the entertainment is the only motive of all in the trip including me.

Good Time In Sun Light

I Don't Know Why They Put That One...

Candid While Playing...

Finally, all things come to the end point. Plan to move from the Beach to the Home. Time deep evening so after took some final selfies. Then start from there. In-between trouble happened in one of My cousin's bike petrol got over. My brother and cousin sister move from there. We collect bottle somewhere are solve the issue and reached home. The marvelous moment in Paraikal and we plan for a new ride to another location some day.

Simply Super And He Running Always To Any End

First Pic Like This Make Hero (Pearlin Siju)

It's Me Welcome You All To Visit This Marvelous Point

How To Reach Paraikal Beach / Kurumpanai Beach :

Easy to find the location, if you travel in private vehicles from the nearby towns Kulachel, Karungal. To reach this points public transports are there from Nagercoil and Marthandam. Nearest Airports are not there but to reach Kanyakumari District Trivandrum Airport will be the nearest one. Local peoples easily guide you for the Location.


The above story is not a creative one. Fully based on My unexpectedly happened ride with My Family members. One of the Hidden location in the seacoast of Kanyakumari District. My experience, the beach lovers definitely find peace and surely get memorable moments with the beloved ones.