First outing kind of dating and the first time meeting very near to me. For these last years, many times my mind words say when I will touch her hand with plenty of love. For elder people, it will be the wrong thing. But the one who lives the life with deep love feeling understands what I am telling. It's not a joke for laughing seriously, think about the true fact.

August 15, 2012 miracle moment happen in my life. For the first time, we planned to meet. School days and independence day celebration going on. The morning we reached school earlier before the normal time. Some students are there in the school campus. Little fear inside me telling don't go, stop these. But the love inside the heartfelt to saw her face always and it encourages me to go to her classroom.

None of them knows about our love story in our school days except a few friends. She took some gifts and walking straight to her classroom and stop at the entrance due to fear of standing nearby with her. The magnetic charms her smile still in mind telling watch more.

Finally, I entered and I saw her. I've frozen no words coming. She, smiling and shy looking down her feet. I told her to see me. That moment still in my mind. It is like a movie scene. I have to give the gift in her hand and say I Love You in eye to eye. But still waiting to give. Later I place it on the desk which is nearby she standing. And the final words be safe and step down from there. Totally I'm unbelievable and repeat the moment while walking.

After hours I'm thinking Why I not talk anything and can't touch her hand, my dream. The reason was I can't able to watch her eyes, mind chill, and can't able to handle the situation of love, my true love. The first plan to meet her got success, incomplete feel in the heart but feeling completely happy romantically. My heart keeps saying like the beats I Love You So Much, Baby... But I tried, can't able to tell directly with eye to eye touch, the same words.


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