The anticipation of our first date and meeting had been building up inside me for years. Many times, I had imagined the moment when I would hold her hand tenderly, a gesture filled with profound love. While some may perceive this as inappropriate, those who understand the depth of genuine affection know exactly what I mean. It's not a matter to be taken lightly; it's a sentiment worth contemplating deeply.

On August 15, 2012, a momentous event unfolded in my life. We had arranged to meet for the first time, coinciding with our school's Independence Day celebrations. We arrived at school earlier than usual that morning, greeted by the sight of a few students milling about the campus. A voice of apprehension inside me whispered, urging me to reconsider. Yet, my heart, filled with love and longing, propelled me towards her classroom.

Our love story remained a secret known only to a select few during our school days. Holding a small gift, I hesitated at the entrance to her classroom, overwhelmed by the prospect of being close to her. Her enchanting smile, etched in my memory, urged me to proceed.

Stepping inside, I caught sight of her. Words failed me; I was rendered speechless. Her eyes met mine, a shy smile playing on her lips as she looked down. I gently urged her to meet my gaze. The moment was surreal, reminiscent of a scene from a movie. Though I had intended to hand her the gift while confessing my love directly, I ended up placing it on a nearby desk before bidding her farewell with a heartfelt "Be safe," and walking away. The entire experience was surreal, and I found myself replaying the moment over and over in my mind as I walked away.

Hours later, I found myself pondering why I had been unable to speak or hold her hand, as I had dreamt of doing for so long. The truth was, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of my emotions and found it challenging to meet her eyes, to convey my profound love directly and unreservedly. Although our first meeting felt incomplete, leaving a void in my heart, I was overwhelmed with romantic happiness. My heart echoed with silent declarations of love, whispering, "I love you so much, baby," even though I had been unable to articulate those words directly, through eye contact.


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