Actually, I am thinking "What is going on there in the scene ?". I can't understand! It is like a kind of Hypo Trip tagged on me. She fights with me for My wellness, something in her mind, that I'm going through the wrong path. But She can't get My point 'This the only thing good for My health'.

Happiest man in the world knows the hidden love behind every argument and in the fight with our beloved one. While watching the scenes the cuteness will kill our sense and make us go down to the feet. The conclusions in every argument belong to silent hearts in the lonely world. I think I'm one of them in that lonely world, who taste the true love facts.

I got irritated many times and cut the call, while the arguments going higher. She can't stop, want to clarify more. But I'm not ready to hear sometimes in bad moods. Later I will call her to explain the situations and arguments come to the end point after long days in the time of talk, the smooth talk. The fantasy behind the scenes are different, her cuteness kills My sense to stop the arguments down to the feet. I Love You So Much...

In the argument times try to hear the sweet voice, the charming act behind the telephone will be different. It will tell many stories to us about the hidden cuteness. The eyes take to the higher vibe mode to feel the presence of true love and caring.


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