New Collection In My Home Garden

First and foremost, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to all the incredible moms who have selflessly dedicated themselves to their families and communities. Today, I called my mom in the evening to wish her. I knew she'd eagerly await my call, expecting to hear my heartfelt wishes. Due to certain circumstances, I hadn't been able to call her in the morning, which left me feeling a tad guilty. When I conveyed my wishes to her in our mother tongue, Tamil, she responded with heartfelt joy, saying, "Thank you."

I constantly find myself yearning for my mother's presence, her care, and her encouragement. Today, for some reason, I miss her more than ever. Being away from my hometown for work, I long for the comfort of my home-cooked meals. Whenever I visit my hometown during my off-month, my mom always prepares special dishes for me. The longing to be with her and savor her cooking is overwhelming.

Mothers are truly remarkable beings. They never expect anything in return for their boundless love and care. Their sole wish is our happiness; our joy brings them contentment. They tirelessly work towards securing our future and ensuring our well-being. At times, they may come across as stern or strict, but that's simply another manifestation of their deep-rooted care and concern. Their actions are never self-serving; they possess an unwavering strength and resilience, always striving to foster happiness within the family and society at large.

Many mothers, despite facing financial hardships, continue to work tirelessly to support their families. Yet, even in these challenging circumstances, they never seek anything for themselves. Their primary focus remains our happiness and well-being. They work tirelessly to lay a strong foundation for our future, often hiding their own pain and sorrow behind a cheerful facade.

It is our duty and responsibility to reciprocate their love and care, to bring them happiness, and to support them as they grow older. We must cherish and love them from the depths of our hearts. Just as they continuously strive for our happiness and well-being, we too must work towards securing a bright and prosperous future, not just for ourselves but for the mothers who are the pillars of our happiness.


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