First of all "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to all the Moms who devoted their entire life to family and society. TodayI wished My Mom by evening in the phone call. I know she will wait for the phone call to hear that wish from me. Because of some reasons I haven't called her in the morning. I feel a little guilty. While I wished her in My Mother language Tamil. She replied, "Thank You" with happiness.

All the time I need My Mom nearby to care for me and to encourage meI can't able to recognize why I miss her today this much. I'm outside of My Hometown for work. This Sunday, I'm thinking I want to eat My Home food. In the off time, while I'm going to My Hometown, She prepared many special food items for me. Because I'm going there for a month once only. I miss her so much.

New Collection In My Home Garden
About Mothers, Always they are the one who not expects anything from us. They constantly need is Our Happiness. If we are Happy, they will be satisfied. They will care for us for our good future. At intervals, they act very rudely. But that is, in addition, the part of caring. They are always not behaving selfishly. They have an extremely strong mind and they always plan to keep the family and the society cheerful. 

Some Mothers are going to work. Because of their poverty in the family, they are going to work somehow to support. That time also they do not expect anything from us. They absolutely need making us happy. And constantly tried to establish a secure basement for your future. They always hide their pains and sorrows behind us and show they are completely delighted in front of us.

Our Duty is to bestow happiness to them and support them in their old age. And we have to mind them with love from our heart. As they constantly need, we have to try to achieve a good future. This is not the duty, the responsibility of everyone for the Mothers Of Happiness.


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