Archaeologist's paradise in the Mahabalipuram town could be the 7th century old Temples in the sea shore of Bay Of Bengal. The old Seaport during the time of the Pallava Dynasty. It includes temples, mandapas, monuments, caves, a group of statues and Lighthouse. Now this cultural place was under control of Archaeological Survey Of India. It is located in Kancheepuram district Chennai in Tamil Nadu. This is one of the Major places to visit in Tamil Nadu Tourism.

Descent Of The Ganges

Manadapam In One Rock...

Me With My Friends In 2014

Krishna Mandapam constructed in One Rock

From Mahishasuramardhini Mandapam

Arts Everywhere In All Place...

Mahabalipuram Light House

In The Light House... Baby Looking.

After the Light House downstairs

Beach from Mountain Top

Fun Moment... Behind the scene...

Descent Of Ganges

Descent Of Ganges (Elephants)

And It's Me ( Shore Temple View From The Beach)

My first visit happened by 2014 in My college days with hostel Friends. Second time with some other friends in 2016. But both time we all are in fun mode, just we enjoyed playing and roaming. So I have a plan to revisit one more time to this Marvel Archaeological point to study deeply about Mahabalipuram. Because I do not even see all the areas in The Mahabalipuram. Many different antique types of archaeological facts and works are there. Guys, wait for the next story only about Mahabalipuram in deep. See you again.


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