The coastal town of Mahabalipuram offers an archaeological treasure trove, boasting temples dating back to the 7th century that line the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Once a bustling seaport during the Pallava Dynasty, this site now encompasses temples, mandapas, monuments, caves, an assembly of statues, and even a lighthouse. Currently managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, this culturally rich destination is situated in the Kancheepuram district near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It stands as a significant attraction in Tamil Nadu's tourism landscape.

Descent Of The Ganges

Manadapam In One Rock...

Me With My Friends In 2014

Krishna Mandapam constructed in One Rock

From Mahishasuramardhini Mandapam

Arts Everywhere In All Place...

Mahabalipuram Light House

In The Light House... Baby Looking.

After the Light House downstairs

Beach from Mountain Top

Fun Moment... Behind the scene...

Descent Of Ganges

Descent Of Ganges (Elephants)

And It's Me ( Shore Temple View From The Beach)

My initial visit to Mahabalipuram was back in 2014 during my college days, accompanied by my hostel friends. I revisited this historical marvel in 2016 with a different group of friends. However, both trips were primarily focused on fun and exploration, without delving deep into the archaeological significance of the site. I've now resolved to return once more to Mahabalipuram with a renewed purpose: to explore and study its rich archaeological heritage in depth.

Having only scratched the surface during my previous visits, I'm eager to uncover the diverse range of ancient artifacts and architectural wonders that Mahabalipuram has to offer. Stay tuned for my next adventure, where I'll delve deeper into the fascinating world of Mahabalipuram's archaeological treasures. Until then, see you soon!


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