I stop breathing for a second while visit this place. Literally, saying died is meaningful.  It is the first time, I'm seeing this much broad view and my mind stuck instantly due to over-excitement. The affirmatives I'm talking about Parumthumpara in the Idukki district of Kerala.

About This Place:
Parunthumpara is located in Peermedu a small village between the route Vagamon and Thekkady. The attractive part in this place will be a suicide point with a deep view of forests and one of the rock looks like the head of The famous Indian Poet 'Tagore'. The name came to Parunthumpara or The Eagle rock because of the broad view around this point like an eagle. This place came more crowd in the Sabarimala pilgrimage season. The Magarajyothi of Sabarimala is visible clearly in this viewpoint. The nearest tourist destinations are Vagamon and Thekkady. 

My Experience:
I explored this place during my official trip to western ghats with my colleague. Its the part of my profession as I am working in the Kerala Tourism department, for some meeting I used to travel to many destinations. In the usual way, I will not get time for sightseeing but, I spend more times in any Viewpoints on the way. This visit also Happens while we are travelling from Vagamon to Thekkady.

It was a drizzly morning with good feel. The chillness not allowed me to get ready in the morning. We can't get more time to spend in one place. We checkout the resort that we were stayed last night in Vagamon after buffet breakfast, the Kerala Tradition food menu. We start from there, and we planned to go Thekkady next. Started the vehicle towards the route. The wiper of the vehicle is working always due to the mist covered the routes. In the hill station, it is the normal thing happen in the morning times. My colleague told me there is one view point on the way. So we abandon the vehicle there. Initially, I didn't recognize anything about this place. 

I really loved this place. The marvelous point with a massive view. Feel of the fresh air relieves my body. There was a deep slope to walk little to see the view of Parunthumpara. Barriers are placed on the edges. While walking we have to take care of our safety as it is a deep slope. My colleague told me, from here we able to see many small waterfalls. If you check the above pictures you will come to know, One waterfall I saw there. If we fell down from here it takes min 15 days to find out our bodies. Because there are no travel routes as it was a deep forest.

Here, now the Government of Kerala starts to develop this place as a tourist destination. This place will be very active during the day time. People from the city lifestyle can enjoy this green view with fresh air and they not like to leave at fast. If the sky is clear without mist we able to see Sabarimala Forests. 

Routes To Reach:

From Thekkady 30 Minutes Travel (25 Kms)
From Peermedu  10 Minutes Travel (09 Kms)
From Vagamon   40 Minutes Travel (32 Kms)


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