It's My Friends Grand Father. He is one of My close Friend. Last month I met him. After that, this evening I telephoned him. A normal talk as always, He told me that he forgot to say something to me. I'm terminally puzzled to hear what it is? And I asked. He replied Grand Father passed away last week. I'm genuinely shocked.

Because last month also I meet up with him. He talked extensively. I can't able to imagine; he will be not anymore. And we can't able to see anymore. He remains a hero. Many times I think, I also need a Grand Father like him. My mind full of stress and I feel pain after hearing this.

My Friend will suffer a lot more than me. Because he respects him very much. Grand Father always cares about him and worried about him. While going to my friend's home I used to talk with him sometimes. He advises me and I liked it. Because the pieces of advice will represent his experience in life.

One more thing always remembers about him was, if my friend goes outside nearby from home. He used to call every 05 minutes and ask Where are you now? Is it your work complete? How much time takes to reach home? Always he also answers smoothly. He does not avoid any call. I saw many times if we go outside together.

Next time while going to his home. I will really miss him. But we can't able to resolve anything. Because we can't guarantee anyone lifetimes. And this is the life. No one can replace his space forever. Always his memories will run in our mind.


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