For these last six years, I'm always waiting for a text message or a missed call from My Love in every morning and night. My days will go off without saw her text in the morning. Fully my mind thinks about her and me not able to focus on my work. I Feel irritated while anyone demands me anything funny or serious.

I think, all the couples in a relationship will feel the same. I don't get, how to express my feeling with her. Long ago in the starting days of our relationship, we can't talk much. Because of situations. That is our school days, So limitations. Always fear about home and no phone calls regularly. Our meet will be only in school with a smile.

That smile provides me a good feel for the entire day. At the weekend time, she used to call sometimes from her home phone. Always I will be ready with my mobile and wait for her call. If My Love callshe will not talk with me for a long time. It's just 05 minutes call. Many times on weekends she not able to call, but she will send any text.

That causes a smile in my face, and the Love feels remembers her smile always in my mind. It supports me moving to the front. Those days are Love of Hell actually. Because we feel missing always. Days passed but my feelings not changed. Until now always waiting for one text message.


  1. Yes, correct every couple has same like situation in period of love. It's a nice feeling to think so Don't feel everyone with you. Work forward to your goal. You will succeed.

  2. Yeah true..... Me also waiting for the text..... Don't know when it will be but one day he will text me.... Hope so 😥😥😞😞😞

    1. Sure, Waiting will create more strong feeling...

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