MUNNAR - Western Ghats Secret Of Excitement

The Excitement feel will come, because of additional thoughts inside our Mind. It will calm, Once we feel complete with our thoughts. It is my first experience in Munnar the western ghats of Kerala. Shortly, It's the Hill Station with plantations like tea, coffee, spices and good natural scenic place with many viewpoints.

Echo Point River

But it was the second time, I'm coming to Munnar. My first visit was an official trip so not gone for sightseeing. I thought I would get some time for sightseeing, but it failed. This time really I have got a chance to visit Munnar along with a group of College Students from Mumbai. The Netravathi Express has reached Ernakulam Junction by 03:00 PM. we waited there with the vehicle for them. Because of one whole day travel, they felt very tired and they informed us immediately they want to go to the hotel. So we stayed in Kochi as it was already arranged.

Hotel Mermaid Kochi

In a short time, we reached the hotel, and they check in the rooms. By the eve at 06:00 PM, we went for DJ boating in Marine Drive. In a moment the boat starts with sound effects. Feel like a party in backwater by night at 07:00 PM. They all enjoyed a lot. After that one hour of enjoyment, we check out from there, move back to the hotel.

Marine Drive From DJ Boat

Next day morning after breakfast, check out from the hotel. And they wanted to occupy some more time in Kochi. So we planned to go to some church and visit any beach nearby. We moved towards Vallarpadam. The church called 'National Shrine Basilica Of Our Lady Of Ransom'.It is one of the significantly old Churches in Kerala.

National Shrine Basilica For Our Lady Of Ransom (Vallarpadam)

From there, we moved to Vypin Beach after spending some time. One of the nearest beach from the church. At long last, we start from there directly to Munnar. On the way many delightful places with good locations. Here on the way, we see some fishing area with Chinese fishing net and many boats.

Vypin Beach

After 02 hours of travel, we reached Kothamangalam. We had lunch at the hotel. Then proceeded for Munnar. On the way visit Vallara Waterfalls. At this place, one more waterfall is there Cheeyapara, but there is no water this time.

Vallara Falls

In the fullness of time, we reached Munnar after 03 hrs of travel from Kothamangalam. In between, they made Spices and Kerala Traditional Sarees Shopping. On the way to Munnar, many Spices Shops are there, up to Vallara waterfalls. Free entrance for spice garden visit.

Spice Shops Nearby Vallara Falls

We reached the hotel in Munnar town. They directly check-in the hotel. After some refreshment we had dinner. The menu obtains north Indian food. The second day ends with Kochi sightseeing, coming to Munnar, on the way shopping and spending time in waterfalls. It is 02:00 AM. Up until now, they have not slept. They were competing in some game and enjoying a great deal. Because of the Hairpin routes, some people were suffering frequently. It will happen as it is the general thing in traveling to hill stations.

Hotel Mermaid Munnar

The morning after breakfast starts from hotel direct to Kannan Devan Tea Museum in Nullatanni. It is one of the 1980's Museum with tea history and tea plantation. It is a nice location surrounded by Hills. In this place, we take some group pics.

Tea Museum (With Group Students)

At this point in time, they explain techniques of planting, cultivation, and manufacturing of tea. While seeing wall photos of the Museum we come to know the lifestyle of the English men. It is one of the fascinating places in Munnar. It is completely about history and tea processing.

With Faculties

After that starts from Nullatanni to Devikulam route for Rose Garden in Karadippara. Karadippara is one of the Viewpoint in Munnar. Really awesome while exploring all the sides from here. A good photoshoot point.

From Rose Garden. Karadipara View

Next to the viewpoint, Rose Garden. Over here the vast collections of flowering plants are there. Not only roses other types of flowers and many varieties of herbal plants, cactus, shrubs, and creepers. While entering inside of this floriculture center we feel very happy since it is fully covered by different flowers. Genuinely it is an awesome place.

In Rose Garden

After spending one hour time in such a lovely place we went to echo point the next spot. Like the word, if we talk loudly we will hear the echoes. We had lunch at echo point on the lakeside. It is one of the very natural scenic places in Munnar.

Echo Point

After lunch, we went to Mattupetty dam for boating. But we missed due to heavy rush they were finished. We were extremely disappointed but we spend time nearby dam and take some selfies and good pictures with friends.

Mattupetty Lake

While moving back to town we stopped the vehicle in tea plantations on the way. Capture some beautiful pictures. Extraordinarily sceneries fully green valley covered by mountains.

View Point

We reached the hotel and took some refreshment and gone for some shopping in Munnar town. Meantime, campfire arrangement was going on for us. By 08:00 PM we came back. After dinner campfire started with music with good party songs. Mostly Bhojpuri DJ Songs. After some hours of enjoyment, they all went to sleep. Next day their return train to Mumbai was by 01:30 PM. So we informed them to get ready earlier.

View Point

Morning I was amazed they all were ready by 06:00 AM. It's time to say see you later to Munnar. After saying thanks to the hotel manager and we starts to Ernakulam Railway Station. They were feared about the timing. Because last time they missed the train of the same time. But this was their good time. Today is Sunday and We have obtained good drivers.  

Relaxation in Hotel

On the way, they suffer the same because of the hairpin bends, vomiting and all. Many times we stopped the vehicle for them. The driver has stopped the vehicle in one hotel of the same place Kothamangalam for refreshment. We reached the railway station by 12:30 PM. They said the driver was awesome since they were overjoyed because of reaching earlier at the station.

It's Me In Plantation Near To View Point

The packed lunch was arranged for them in railway station from the hotel. In conclusion, it's the time to leave. I feel depressed little, I don't know why. They conveyed thanks. I left from there and talked with the driver then, moved to my home. I'm overly eager to explore all the places of Munnar. I hope it will be next time and waiting for that.

The above trip is not a creative one. It was my initial experience to Munnar. In this trip, we did not see all the delightful places, just the major spots. I hope the next time I will visit all the places. To know more about Munnar check my other blog posts.


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